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Corbon PU Palm Coating Gloves


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Material Hi-Strength yarn PU
Size 7/S - 11/2XL
Liner 13 Gauge
Hi-Strength Yarn
Black Polyester
Elastic Polyester
Black PU
Color Black/Black



Seamless Hi-Strength Yarn Glove Black PU Palm coated

Feature Hi Strength Yarn shich is the Polyethylene Fiber is the strongest fiber in the world. This supper strong polyethylene fiber is produced by HPPE's patented gel spinning process and applied in ropes, ccordage, nets, protective clothing, ballistic protection, etc. HPPE fiber is 10 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than ararmids to help prevent hand injuries, when handling sharp objects. It has a good power against abrasion, ultraviolet rays, cut, chemicals and so on.
Application Glass cutting / Automobile Industry / Packing work / Metal Handling work