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Professional(or Pro, expert) versus technician

It is extremely rare to find a “Pro” who can be admired by users/customers because of his or her technical capability. The opposite word of “Pro” is technician not “an amateur.” Professionalism is depended on attitude not on competency. In other word, professionalism refers to a person who is a passionate technician. People are not interested in knowing how much you know bofore they find out how passionate you are.

Our Dukwon Gloves Company aims to take responsibility of being the professional in developing/improving the gloves rather than being the glove-producing technicians.

Not just simply setting our goal on advancing the technology, but we will continue to bring the best gloves to satisfy users’ needs of better quality.

We may not be the first-class. However, we will do our best to produce the most comfortable and safe gloves.


Kim Jin Chul